Market (Multiple Listing System)

The technology known as the Multiple Listing System (Multiple Listing System MLS) in the information technology literature, which is the first in Turkey, is presented to you by the Barondom under the name of the Market feature.

MLS technology is a computing technology that facilitates agencies, contract offerings to other agencies, facilitates communication with other agencies, has a prescription for better service to customers, and properly associates updates and distributes advertisements on the internet.

In conclusion, The Market allows you to share your vacation houses for marketing purposes within agreements you can make with other agencies registered on the system. It allows your houses to serve more customers through agencies in different regions.

Channel Management

The channel management feature of the Barondom platform allows you to connect to the world's leading vacation rental portals in bilateral.

Keep calendars and bookings up-to-date and synchronized with third-party portals. You can increase availability and reservations.

You can see all operations through one panel, you can increase your service quality by shortening your business processes.

Interactive Website

The interactive website is the website that can can send and receive data, communicate with other registered users' websites, and with systematically connected portals.

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) sites are a property search site that allows users to search for approved advertisements with the Multiple Listing System (MLS).

A common and standard data exchange protocol is available for IDX information. This protocol is Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS).

Reservation Management

Allows management of reservation and information request from websites and linked portals in one platform.

The synchronicity of distribution and synchronization makes your risk of overbooking disappear.

Special Services for Your Brand

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Kullanıcı Dostu ve Güvenli

Barondom websites are responsive for all devices. Its user-friendly design allows users to find products faster and easier. They have a secure infrastructure specifically designed to make their transactions faster and more secure.